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Do you want to reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face and neck? Do you want to have smoother, firmer skin? Now you can with a choice of treatments ranging from anti-wrinkle treatments and soft tissue fillers to skin peels and Dermapen needling. Read below to find out how.

Research has shown that as you age there are changes in the skin, underlying fat, muscle and facial skeleton. The wrinkles or folds are caused as your skin thins and the underlying fat compartments both reduce in size and drop down. In addition, the muscle and bone shrink so that you have less structure under theskin leading to the fold. An additional reason for wrinkle production is repeated muscle activity such as frowning and squinting. The most important lifestyle factors which accelerate the formation of wrinkles are the sun, poor diet, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
Small folds may start to appear after the age of 28 depending on your lifestyle and genetics. Darker skin types may age later due to the protection from the melanin in their skin.
The first preventative measure is sun protection through the avoidance of sun exposure, use of a good quality SPF/EPF and a sun hat. Secondly, you want to reduce your free radicals through potentially improved nutrition, anti oxidative treatments, and scientifically proven skincare. Depending on the extent of your wrinkles and whether they are present at rest or only in movement, you may need treatments to reduce the lines getting worse.
According to the law of golden proportion, the shape and proportions of the face should be in certain proportion to each other. With age you will loose these proportions and definition resulting in you looking more masculine or angry, having a more rectangular shape of face. The aim of treatments is to restore your facial shape to restore symmetry and balance, bringing out the best of you.
Skincare is essential and we would recommend a bespoke skincare regime for you to both prepare your skin for treatments as well as maintaining healthy skin. The health of your skin, for example whether it is dry, sun damaged or has uneven tone, will be the first thing that people look at and judge. Your photos are dependant on the health of your skin and its ability to evenly reflect light.

Good effective skincare will help replace lost hydration and reduce finer lines and wrinkles but the most effective methods of softening lines and looking better for your age involve physical interventions.

Treatments used include:

Anti- wrinkle treatments with Botox®/Azzulure®/Boucouture®

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm® Teosyal® Profilo® Belotero®

Chemical Peels (Enerpeel®)

Derma FNS™ needling

Do you want to reduce the lines and wrinkles on your face and neck? Do you want to have smoother, firmer skin? Now you can with a choice of treatments ranging from anti-wrinkle treatments and soft tissue fillers to skin peels and Dermapen needling. Read below to find out how.

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I have wanted my lips enhanced since I was about 20 but had never had enough confidence in someone to go through with it. I have known Rachna for quite a few years and had complete confidence in her.  She really knows her products and is wholly committed to giving you the best results and her professional and cautious approach only amplified my complete trust in her. She is honest and truthful. Her ethos is more about enhancement of your natural features giving a more subtle refreshed look, which is exactly what I wanted. Rachna really took her time to listen to exactly what I wanted and made me feel relaxed during the treatment, explaining exactly what she was doing at each stage. To sum up my whole experience it was friendly, professional, relaxing and above all, I achieved exactly what I wanted. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and will be going back! I will certainly be recommending my friends to Rachna.  

Kimberley Davie


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