Bumpy/ scarred skin

Do you wish your skin was smoother? Would you like your skin to be rejuvenated from below? Derma FNS® is a dermapen especially designed tocause minimal trauma yet produce maximum results.

If you are concerned with the bumpiness of your skin or you find it hard to apply makeup evenly, may mean that you could benefit from treatments. If you have scarred skin you could also benefit from treatments as these aim to break the scar and encourage the body to start rejuvenating from below. Again, as with most cosmetic procedures, it is not that you need this treatment but you may want it to help if you have issues that I have mentioned above.
Scars can be softened by the use of Derma FNS™ as this breaks the scar tissue and allows the body to rejuvenate the skin from below the surface. The number of treatments depend on the severity of the scar but at least three or four sessions would be needed monthly. The other treatments include: Dermal fillers injected specifically under the scar tissue, Enerpeel™ and skin boosters.

In order to prepare the skin for micro needling, we would advise using theTebiskin®Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) cream as this initiates your cells to start producing collagen and the necessary growth factors under the skin before and throughout the treatments. In order to reduce redness and to maximize results we would advise use of the Tebiskin® care regime, but it would depend on which products you are currently using.

Bumpy skin would be treated similar to scars but the rejuvenation process may be quicker and the entire face/neck would be targeted.

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I chose to have my treatment at Cosmetier because of the very convenient location.  It is in a medical setting rather than a beauty salon.   I found the service excellent, friendly and responsive.  I was given lots of good information. I received sensible talking through of notes and outcomes of treatment. I would recommend Cosmetier to friends and family.

Clare Hammson

Leighton Buzzard

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