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Meet Dr Rachna Sharma

 Dr. Rachna Sharma

Whilst most aesthetic practitioners are happy to start injecting after a single day of training, Dr Rachna Sharma invested a lot of time and money over 3 years to attain her MSc in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics with Merit. 


Learning from the best practitioners in the world on all aspects of facial aesthetics armed Dr Rachna Sharma with the knowledge and tools to holistically assess your skin. This means only offering and providing effective treatments proven to make a difference to you. Unlike others she does not believe in injecting certain areas just because that is all she knows but aims to treat your face according to what is needed to achieve what you desire.


Dr Rachna Sharma does not advocate the ‘fake’ philosophy and feels that you feel happiest and most confident when your natural beauty is maintained. What this means for you is that she has a friendly and approachable manner which allows you to feel safe and free to discuss your concerns about your skin. Most of her patients become long term friends as she spends time to really get to you.

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‘I have thought about having 'Botox' many times over the last few years. Some of my friends have had it done but I never made the jump as I didn't feel completely satisfied with the environment it was done in. For example a person coming in but then not coming back for another month, I wanted a person that understood the importance of sterile conditions and if there was a problem I could go and talk to straight the way. I didn't like the idea of people without medical background let loose with a needle. I work within the Beauty industry myself and felt something as important as Botox should be done by someone with a more in depth knowledge of the human body. As Rachna is used to using needles with her dentistry and is both very particular and thorough, I felt in safe hands. I would recommend her whole heartedly’

Jenny Powell


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