The Cosmetier Promise

We promise the following to all our Clients…

At Cosmetier, our purpose is to provide subtle, non-surgical aesthetic treatments that make you look and feel confident enough to embark on any adventure or life’s journey that you desire. Our vision is a world where everyone looks and feels confident.

  • We will always put you, the patient, first by actively listening to your concerns and expectations.

  • We will always plan your Treatment Journey in discussion with you by taking into consideration your needs and limitations.

  • We will never push or advise you to have treatment for short-term financial gain.

  • We will always practice to the clinical standards recommended by the GDC.

  • We will always treat you in a clean, clinical environment where safety and infection control are of paramount importance.

  • We will always use the best quality products and medical devices that have been tested and are deemed safe to use for aesthetic purposes.

  • We will always keep our knowledge and expertise up to date by attaining further postgraduate educational qualifications.

  • We will always ensure that you are treated by the appropriately qualified health professional for whichever procedure is being undertaken.

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‘I have thought about having 'Botox' many times over the last few years. Some of my friends have had it done but I never made the jump as I didn't feel completely satisfied with the environment it was done in. For example a person coming in but then not coming back for another month, I wanted a person that understood the importance of sterile conditions and if there was a problem I could go and talk to straight the way. I didn't like the idea of people without medical background let loose with a needle. I work within the Beauty industry myself and felt something as important as Botox should be done by someone with a more in depth knowledge of the human body. As Rachna is used to using needles with her dentistry and is both very particular and thorough, I felt in safe hands. I would recommend her whole heartedly’

Jenny Powell


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