What to expect from your consultation with Cosmetier

In order to establish your concerns and expectations as well formulate your Treatment Journey, it is crucial to have a consultation. Without this you will not be adequately informed of the condition of your skin, your treatment needs and especially the benefits and risks of certain treatments.
This takes about a forty five minutes to an hour.
Certain anti-wrinkle treatments may be undertaken on the same appointment as the consultation but quite often we arrange another date for treatments as this allows you to consider whether you want to proceed and it is also considered'best clinical practice' rather than 'rushing to make a sale'.
We charge £45 that you can refundable against the cost of treatment.
It would be preferable if you did not have makeup on for the appointments in order to allow thorough examination of your skin. However, if you prefer to have make-up on, we can remove it at the appointment.
The first thing that we will do is talk to you about your concerns and expectations. You are the most important person in this process and we need to know what is bothering you so that we can make a treatment plan together. This plan is part of a journey that we, you and I, may not want to or be able to complete in one appointment. Lots of factors play a part and we will consider all of these when we make our plan. We thoroughly check your medical history and any other relevant history pertaining to your skin including your ability to burn/ tan and your ethnicity. This information starts to paint a picture about your skin type and how you will respond or react to certain treatments. We will also examine how much volume loss you have had as well as assessing how much your skin has thinned over the years. Next we will examine your skin to check for areas of redness, scarring, acne and pigmentation. We check the texture of your skin to ascertain whether it is dry/ oily/ coarse and then the elasticity of it. This gives us an idea of how much, if any, photo damage or aging has occurred.
Our clinic is based within Toddington Medical Centre so there is ample parking whilst allowing a clean and safe environment to undertake medical treatments.
The postcode for Toddington Medical Centre is LU56DE. Take junction 12 turning of the M1 and you will see signs for Toddington. Follow these signsstraight ahead until you see the Angel pub. Take a left before the pub and follow the one-way street until you see the medical centre on your left.

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I chose Cosmetier because I have been thinking of having fillers or Botox but was not really sure about which was best for me.  I am 45 and I am really conscious about my cheeks and droopy skin over my eyes.  I saw an advert for an evening Introduction to Cosmetier at the Toddington Medical Centre so people could see what was available. I was interested in all the treatments and booked for a consultation.  I was a bit scared as I am a bit nervous of needles but Rachna put me at ease straight away.  Rachna made me feel very comfortable at the consultation and I was not pushed into anything.  After a long chat about how I wanted to feel and look and also after explaining what problems I felt I had with my skin, Rachna took photographs and we discussed further what could be done to help make me look younger and better about my appearance. I am so pleased with the results I would definitely recommend Cosmetier as at each appointment I feel I am getting the best treatment and never feel rushed.    The fillers in my cheeks and under my jaw were instant and the botox around my eyes took about 7 days to show any difference.  Every time I looked in the mirror I could see my eyes getting brighter and I really noticed when I applied my make up that my eyes had lifted and my cheeks were fuller.  I had more definition in my jawline.  I look 10 years younger! I am really happy with the results and I have had lots of complements and find myself looking in the mirror a lot more.  I really cannot believe the results from the treatments.   

Karen Holmes


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